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At Neem Genie we have over 30 years of accumulated research on the benefits and properties of Neem. We have developed a range of products which we believe are second to none. Our products are developed for results irrelevant of cost. We have two people involved in this development, one is renowned as one of the foremost authorities of Neem in the world and the other is a very accomplished herbal cosmetic chemist. These two people have given us the magic we offer you today. It has been a matter of record for sometime the many effects of Neem but the only way to move forward is with Herbal technology to improve cause and effect. This expertise involves catalysts and carriers which can enhance the experience. Example :- When turmeric (catalyst) is added to Neem it makes the result approximately three times more powerful and, when Sesame oil is added (carrier) this increases absorption into the skin enabling it to work more quickly and, because the product is stored within the skin it will keep working  for several days.

Neem has the reputation of having a very repulsive odour which is the sole reason it has not been popular even within the herbal community. (very like burnt onion soup)
Many other companies have tried to remove this smell but to date this has not been achieved without destroying the properties. The one exception is Neem Genie, we have accomplished this and with said carriers / catalysts have even enhanced the effect.

There are no middle men with Neem Genie. The ingredients are purchased in India by our chemist mixed in the laboratory in New Delhi and forwarded direct to the UK. Our packaging leaves a lot to be desired as the product is packaged in the labs and no expensive hi Tech company is used thus ensuring that our customers get the very best value for money

Please take advantage of our helpline. We are here to give advice with any problem and if we do not know the answer we will get back to you normally within 24 hrs.

Our postage charges are inclusive for any amount of products.


We supply U.K. and Europe only.

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